The other day Matthew and I wanted to eat out, but being frugal we thought this little hole in the wall restaurant made entirely of reclaimed wood on the shy end of a busy pier was a cheap choice. Ordering carelessly, not noticing there were no prices on the menu; we laughed when our first appetizer came out and was two tini-tiny (and I mean not your average tiny) scallops sitting on a bed of kale. We thought, how cute, they’re trying to be fancy. Not so funny when we found out that appetizer was $18. Did we really just eat a $9 baby scallop? We paid, and left with a confused look on our faces. As soon as we got in the car we busted into tears of laughter.



We’re guilty of laughing at our pain. Some times its just funny to look back and laugh at all the dumb things you’ve done. And we’ve ALL done some dumb things, so here is my list in no particular order…


  1. Crashed my car into a canal.
  2. Crashed my car into a guard rail.
  3. Crashed my husband’s car into a mailbox on his birthday.
  4. Eaten dog food as a dare.
  5. Used my (Jamaican) sister in law’s gym membership card to sneak into the gym. Got caught.
  6. Thought my first boyfriend was “The One”.
  7. Attempt to make Jerk chicken for husband (then boyfriend), while I never actually had tasted jerk chicken before.
  8. Let someone I didn’t know borrow my bike.
  9. Paint my nails on our 2-day old white couch.
  10. Taking my first boxing class the day before my engagement photo shoot.




Here is Matthew’s list in no particular order…


  1. Rolled my ankle playing golf… with my in laws… for the first time (tripped on air).
  2. Sharting my pants.
  3. Calling my wife (then girlfriend’s) brother on the phone for the first time just to call him by his nickname as if we were family.
  4. Crashing a rented scooter in Mexico with my wife on the back.
  5. Spending all my football scholarship checks on clothes and shoes.
  6. Not trying my wife’s best friend’s Dad’s pho; I love pho now.
  7. Helping my sister sneak out of the house.
  8. Drinking way too much on my honeymoon and throwing up our entire snorkel trip (my poor wife).
  9. Using my wife’s Summers Eve wash for months thinking it was face wash (its not for the face).
  10. Never attending one tennis event/ practice of my wife’s (then girlfriend) for the entire 2-3 years of dating in college. Sorry babe.







What’s the dumbest thing you’ve done recently?


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