Lately we’ve been featuring a lot of our little one, but just so you know, she couldn’t have happened without us so… Honestly, we don’t hide much from our stories of our lives on Instagram but we do have a lot of new followers as of lately… Hi guys! So we thought we’d do 10 quick random facts about us. Warning, we were consuming a lot of wine while writing these.


10 Random Facts About The Harvey’s:

  1. We don’t own ONE real plant in our house. Dana has killed every single one.
  2. Matthew doesn’t celebrate any mainstream holidays, only Jesus. (But one day we’ll get him to dress like Santa)
  3. We each have a box that holds every note we’ve ever given each other. I know, we’re romantic.
  4. Matthew gives Pia a bath and puts her to bed EVERY night… it’s their thing. It’s cute as hell.
  5. Pia calls Matthew “Dah-Dee” and Dana “Mamamamamamamamamammamama … mummmumummm” (I know other moms can relate)
  6. We still have a two door car, and yes we maneuver our bodies like gymnasts to put Pia in the car everyday.
  7. Pia thinks anything that comes out of the freezer is “ice”.
  8. Dana taught Matthew how to drive manual, brought him to a library for the first time and has since enlightened him to Harry Potter.
  9. Matthew taught Dana how to twist dreads, to appreciate red wine, and enlightened her about Jesus.
  10. Pia taught us that there is no such thing as a well rested parent, that it is possible to flush a whole roll of toilet paper, and it is possible for someone to watch the same movie over 4000 times and it won’t get old.


Watch us walk around Las Olas Blvd and eat ice cream like a bunch of basics haha.


Walk With The Harvey’s

This video was shot by Alexander Curry with so much love, thank you!


Tell us a little random fact about you!


P.S. We are super random here; and remember when we just had Pia?