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The growth that happens over one year is remarkable. The past year we’ve experienced a lot of “firsts” with Pia; her first smile, giggle, tooth, crawl, and even her first high-five (as of yesterday). Ahhh I could reminisce and savor on these moments forever. I could have never imagined the high of emotions we’d go through watching this little human develop and learn so quickly. Here are our top five “first moments” that made us as parents think, this is what we were made for. The happiest little moments that made our heart melt.


Top 5 Baby Firsts


1. Recognizing Us

This is amazing for working parents when you come home from a long day and you feel like a giant boob the way your baby’s gazes at you, smiling so big their tongue falls out, as they crawl at super sonic speed towards you. Ahhh so good, one of the best parts of our day.


2. Learning to clap

I don’t know why it took Pia so long to learn how to clap but once she did… she didn’t stop. Now we clap at everything. I. Mean. Everything. Another new way for her to express her emotions I’m all for it. Go head baby, you clap after picking up that dirty sock off the floor. #ProudOfYou


3. Trying Food

Not sure if the video of Pia’s first food (sweet potato) was funnier because of her facial reaction or the fact that I couldn’t hold the camera still because I was laughing too hard. Either way.. It’s a keeper.


4. Learning to Dance

As much as Matthew and I would love for her to follow in our footsteps and become an athlete.. this girl is going to dance. Every… and I mean EVERY commercial that comes on with some kind of song to it, Pia is bouncin’. She’s found rhythm, thank you Jesus!


5. Share

We thought she’d have an issue with this considering she doesn’t have other little ones around but we were wrong. Her best friend, “Mac” (our 100 pound white lab) follows her around everywhere sharing food, toys, laughs. If she gets food, Mac gets food. Pia loves taking a bite of food and then holding it out for Mac to take a bite. Then it goes right back into her mouth. Somewhat unsanitary but oh so adorable.



All of these first time moments brought tears of laughter and smiles from ear to ear. From newborn till now, Carter’s has been one of our favorites as Pia grows bigger and smarter. I can honestly preach that Carter’s is With You From The Start for whatever milestone your baby is going through. Pia wore those cute Carter’s onesies from the hospital trip home to her first crawl, and you know how much they grow in one year! As Pia grows from a sweet little baby to an adorable active toddler, Carter’s has the greatest selection of outfits for all of her soon to come “firsts”. Hopefully walking and potty training is next… no? Too soon?















 best baby firsts image

Pia’s adorable suspender skirt & onesie 

Most people would say, Baby’s First Word, is their favorite moment.

(On mommy’s birthday)
Mommy: Good Morning Pia, can you say “Mama”?
Pia: Uhhhh (baby grunt)
Mommy: Please, it’s my birthday, say “Mama!”
Pia: Da-Da
Mommy: Throws hands up in the air and storms off.
Daddy: That’s my girl.

Let’s just say her first word wasn’t one of my top five.


What are some of your favorite moments of growth for your baby?


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