Sometimes flowers get old as a Valentine’s day token of love… but you know what never does? A heart shaped Reese’s Cup and some pink Starbursts (ok, maybe just me). HOWEVER… there are a few things that I’ve fallen in love with recently and since it’s the month of love I thought I’d share them! Think outside of the box this 2020 with these unique, fun and thoughtful gifts this Valentine’s Day!


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6 Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas


1. Man Crates
I know I know, I always talk about them (where’s my sponsor, Man Crates?) But I seriously love how creative and manly these are… I send Matthew a Valentines Day gift from them every year to his job and he’s always SO embarrassed but also so excited. Peep our stories on IG around V-day to see which one he gets this year!

2. Plant Subscription
So I know Matthew doesn’t trust me with this subscription because I would most likely kill every plant but I SO wish he would. They have the cutest handmade pots and literally every plant you’d love in your home every month. That’s a Valentines Day gift that keeps on coming!

3. The Story of Us Book
Am I the only one that asks my parent’s how they met and they give me a vague story that changes each time they tell it? I can’t wait for my kids to read what we wrote in 15 years with the freshest and most detailed story of us.

4. Gold Scratch off World Map
I’ve been giving this to all my newlyweds lately because it’s not only an aesthetically pleasing home-warming gift, but as they begin their new life, they can scratch off each place they travel to together. How sweet is that?

5. Personalized Hearts Four Across Game
Can you find a cuter game? I know a few people who would love this gift for Valentines day.

6. Adventure Book
SO obsessed with this book! I got this for our anniversary and absolutely love it. We scratch off a surprise date and paste a polaroid of us on that date with a few lines to describe how our date went. Each date has clues of the price, time and when we should go on the date, brining the spontaneity back into your casual dating routine!

I guarantee your special someone would love at least one of these gifts this year if not all of them. There are the types that buy flowers, chocolate and a card at Walgreens on their way home and then there are the types that bring home one of these! Don’t be that guy (or girl).



What are some unique gifts/ ideas you’ve done for Valentines Day?


P.S. Need more unique gift ideas for guys? How about some gifts for the women in your life?