This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

As soon as you get married you hear “when are you guys going to have a baby?” Then you have the baby, as soon as they turn one you hear “when are you guys going to have ANOTHER baby?”

We’ve had the discussion of adding family; having two, maybe three, but we’re not sure when to begin on baby #2. Do we wait for the sudden baby fever to kick in? Do we start trying now because you never know what could happen? We’ve thought about spacing them apart so only one is in diapers or college. We’ve talked about having them close in age so they share everything together. If we have another girl, should we try again for a boy? If we have a boy should we stop there? Decisions, decisions!


When shopping for P the other day I saw Carter’s gender neutral Little Baby Basics line and thought they nailed the minimal but chic look. They had tons of gender neutral outfits which got me thinking… just in case a mini Matthew comes to join us, we’ll be ready. So I bought them all ha! There is one thing I know for sure, no matter if the next baby comes this year or in 4 years, boy or girl, the little blessing will have plenty of cute Carter’s outfits waiting for them.

Pia is so good with our dog and her little cousins (as you can see here); we know she would make an AMAZING older sister. We’ve got a good handle on this parenting thing, for now. From spit ups to smearing peanut butter all over (yes, this happened yesterday) to walking everywhere, Carter’s baby basics hold up through it all. We rely on our stash of Carter’s onesies to keep her adorable, yet clean, and comfortable. Their new line is incredibly soft, yet fashionable and modern; the Little Baby Basics line NAILED it! And I’ve been loving their little ruffle sleeves which  makes an adorable addition on such a simple outfit!

Also, why do you moms keep saying shopping for a baby boy isn’t fun!? How adorable does Pia look in her (potentially) little brother’s hand me down clothes?

Boy, girl, or don’t know yet, shoot over to your Carter’s store and use the coupon below!

You’re welcome ?

Carter’s is offering 20% off $40+ through June 30th!

Online: CART4342

In Store: 066944


How did you know when you wanted another baby? Is anyone else obsessed with Carter’s new baby basic line?


P.S. More cute baby clothes here. Do you remember Pia’s Birth story?