We’re not your typical Halloween enthusiasts; you won’t see spooky decorations in our house, and we don’t walk around the neighborhood knocking for candy (yet). But if a holiday makes it socially acceptable to dress your baby up as something hilarious, we’re in! Halloween get’s my creative juices flowing and this mommy gets a little too extra with costumes. Pia was loving this costume too much and what was supposed to be a simple “Happy 2nd Halloween Picture” turned into a full-blown photo shoot needing to be shared. I mean come on, is this not the cutest boba tea you’ve ever seen?


Boba Tea Costume

Why does she look like an adult model in a baby body? She’s killing it whatever she’s doing. If you’ve been following for a long time you’d probably remember last year’s Travel Size Loofah costume. She also made a great little model for a personified object. What could I possibly dress her up as next year??


This pictures says “Oh my gosh mom, what the heck do you have me wearing again?”

So fierce girl, so very fierce.


How To Make Boba Tea Costume:


Materials Needed:

for the straw

  • Scissors

I free-handed all the boba balls but it’s a toddler’s costume so who cares how perfect they look.

The hot glue gun makes sticking about 20 balls on a skirt a very short process.

The head band requires a little glue or tape. I used the hot glue gun to form the paper into a straw and glue on a headband because I have a very active toddler and that thing needs to basically be hurricane proof. I used a $1 headband from Wal-Mart that had a bow. I used the bow to attach the straw.


What are the most creative costumes you’ve seen?


P.S. Remember this Loofah costume? Do you like pumpkin? Because I have the best recipe right here.