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There is always someone crying when you have three kids, and usually it’s the parents. You know that scene from Jurassic Park when three raptors come out of the bushes and pin the guy from all sides? That’s very much what having three kids is like. We thought it’d be fun to have three, and we’ve now put ourselves in a predicament. Don’t get me wrong, they are very sweet, loving, beautiful blessings but we must not forget they are also danger prone, messy, and rambunctious little raptors sometimes. With that being said, we always needed extra eyes on them. We found just that, a baby monitor that became our third set of eyes.

Let’s start from the beginning. We went through six baby monitors with Pia, SIX! So, when Penelope arrived, we decided to install a regular camera in her room because we truly disliked every baby monitor, we tried. While the camera worked fine, we still felt glued to our phones watching them through the camera. We needed something between a baby monitor and a camera, with a built-in alarm system. Our prayers were answered when I was scrolling and saw this adorable little bird that was a baby monitor; it caught my eye. I thought, that’s cute, *click*. And this is the beginning of our love story with CuboAi.


We set up the CuboAi in Penelope’s crib and we were impressed by the quality of the baby monitor video. Long gone are the days of us squinting at the monitor to see if the baby is sleeping. Nighttime quality was incredible too! We finally found a quality baby monitor that sent us alerts for all baby’s updates! I would be washing the dishes and get a little chirp indicating she rolled over, crying, or something is covering her face. It was everything we wanted in a baby monitor but wait… it gets better.

cubo pen x

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At this point in time, the girls were sharing a room and Pia started this new thing of sneaking into our bed. The problem was, we could never tell when, because she’s a smart kid and knew how to slide in without waking us up. We discovered we could set danger zones on the CuboAi and thought, here’s our answer once again! We propped up a second CUBO baby monitor and mapped out the door as our “danger zone” so we’d get alerted each time she tried to sneak out.

IMG  x


Are you familiar with the feeling of silence when you have little kids? You don’t take a huge sigh of relief and sit down to drink your coffee or cozy up to some reality tv. No, you panic and realize your kids are probably up to something that will either leave them in danger or leave you to clean up after them. Either way, not good. CuboAi danger zone alerts helped slow down the grey hairs especially with this middle child energy we were experiencing. Penelope was walking around like she owned the place and so we needed to set up the CuboAi outside of their room and establish new danger zones like the kitchen, bathroom, pool door etc. The two-way audio helped us communicate with them as well.  We were evolving and so was our baby monitor.

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Just when we thought we got this whole parenting of two thing down… SURPRISE, here comes baby number three but this time it’s a boy. We obviously knew the CuboAi would be our baby monitor of choice but over the span of 3 years, the technology got a whole lot cooler. Most first-time parents know that dreadful first week of sleep once you transition them to their own crib. You consistently check on them, making sure they are still breathing. Well, CuboAi really understood parents, and they created a sleep sensor pad that sits flat under the crib mattress. It tracks breathing motion of your baby, so you don’t have to sneak in their room while they sleep and make sure they are still breathing!

IMG  jpg x\IMG  x


We kept the momentum going for sleep training and got our little babe sleeping through the night for the third time. What helped us tremendously this time was the ability to track his sleep schedules, wake up times, and to predict his sleep regressions. We did all this through our baby monitor and their very cool sleep analytics app feature. I’ve never been more prepared for the 3-month, 9 month, or 18 month sleep regression, says the “mombie”. Some other features of the baby monitor that made our lives easier (& smarter) was the family sharing, so we could have grandma come baby sit and she was already set up to get baby alerts through the app. The smart home feature made it easy for us to watch them on our smart device hubs all over the house. And finally, the multiple camera support so we can toggle through cameras in each of their rooms all in one place.

IMG  jpg x

It’s incredible to watch one baby monitor evolve over time to suit our growing family in three different situations. The CuboAi is the jack of all trades, the one in a million, camera of our dreams… can you tell we are a little obsessed? With so much to worry about when raising kids, this shouldn’t be one of them. It’s a magical thing for an object to provide a peace of mind in your parenting journey, not many can do that.

If you’re interested in the baby monitor that keeps on giving, pick one up here and use code CUBOHARVEY to save some money! You can also read more about this monitor on the CuboAi’s blog where they talk all things parenting, parent’s mental health, and baby’s sleep safety.

Thanks for reading! Comment below your favorite CuboAi feature!

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