Our toddler is at the age where she’s repeating and copying anything we do. And for that reason, Matthew and I always remember to pray together at the table, give each other kisses every time we see each other, hold our breath when we stub our toe, so she doesn’t pick up on those words. And another important one; we brush our teeth together! It’s become our new morning routine for all of us to gather in the bathroom no matter if we just woke up, or we’ve been awake for hours (usually Pia) and we have our family teeth brushing time!

Pia thinks it’s incredibly fun, not to mention a game (manipulation at its finest). But what she’s learning is a great habit at a young age. She wasn’t always like this, she would suck off the toothpaste and toss the brush on the floor. It wasn’t until she watched us brush our teeth with our electric toothbrushes together that she then wanted to brush her teeth too.

Smile Brilliant sent us their new cariPRO Ultrasonic toothbrush to try out! Loved that they wanted our honest opinion so here it is! Due to my best friend being a dental hygienist, she had blessed our teeth with an amazing electric toothbrush already, so of course we were playing the comparison game, I mean, how different can brushing your teeth be, right? Well, right away, we both noticed the cariPRO is less aggressive than our old toothbrush, even at the highest level. Considering both of us have sensitive teeth, this was a refreshing discovery. There are A LOT more modes on the cariPRO brush including clean, white, massage, gum care, and sensitive, all very fun to play around with.

Are any of you guilty for doing a quick 45 second brush in the morning? Guilty! Brushing our teeth together has helped not only Pia to brush for a healthy amount of time but gets Matthew and I to complete a full 2 minutes of brushing! Just like most electric toothbrushes, cariPRO comes with a smart timer including the little pause during brushing, alerting us to move on to a new area in your mouth. Considerably helpful for those who mindlessly brush our teeth not remembering where you brushed.

If my best friend hadn’t sent us an electric toothbrush, I don’t know if we would have even thought of buying one considering how pricey they can be. For what cariPRO offers in their electric toothbrush, their prices are a steal. Love when high quality products are priced reasonably to the consumer. Overall, we love the appearance with a different sleek slate color as well as the performance, which is easily comparable to our existing (more expensive) toothbrush.

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Here are some FAQ’s for Smile Brilliant’s cariPRO, click here.


Any fun ways you get your kids to brush their teeth?


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