I believe the saying goes “She may be little but she is fierce”. But in our house we say “she may be little, but she is fast!”

We are not a leash-backpack type of family… although it would be helpful (sorry if you’re a leash family) Matthew puts his foot down on that idea. But with our growing toddler with her curious mind and quick sporadic sprints, it’s a stressful time for a parent to go on vacations or public outings. For Father’s Day this year, we are giving Matthew the gift of an ease of mind, the Jiobit.

“This post is sponsored by Jiobit; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

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We’ve always wanted to give her freedom for imaginative play and explore safe curiosity at the park, hone her listening and discipline skills when we instruct her. With mommy she is clingy… I get to be at every tea date at her mini table and pick up every shell on the beach with her. But with dad, she’s very independent. That is one of the reasons Matthew has mini panic attacks when she suddenly disappears out of his sight. With Jiobit, we watch her run around the park on our phone app like we would as we watch for our Uber to arrive. Matthew is a FAN guys… and it takes a lot to get him on board with anything techy!


Favorite Features About Jiobit:



First of all… have you seen our 22lb toddler? She’s itty bitty! A bulky tracker would bother her as she plays and lets face it, she would rip it off instantly! The Jiotbit is tiny and she hardly noticed it when connected to her pants or her boot!


There are no range or distance limits and Joibit works globally!


Being notified when she leaves and arrives is an amazing feature I’ll be looking forward to when she goes to school! You can watch the app as it’s updated every 10 seconds!


We’ll be instantly alerted when she wanders too far which is perfect for crowded areas or busy park dates.


Additional (Awesome) Features Of Jiobit:

  • The Jiobit lasts for up to a week on a single charge!
  • It is small, durable, discreet: It holds up to your child’s active day!
  • It’s waterproof for up to 20 minutes, and will still work in the pool or at the beach!
  • It securely stays attached!

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We are so happy to have found this device at such an early age in our child’s life! Definitely takes the stress away from Dad when he takes her to the store, and sheds away the anxiety of Mom leaving her with Dad (hehe). We’re all coming out on top and with less scares and less grey hairs! Give the gift of safety to your hubby this Father’s Day with Jiobit!

Right now Jiobit is running a discount! $20 off + free shipping for Father’s Day!

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Have any of you had some scare stories of your kids running off?


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