“Getting married is one thing. Getting married, staying married, and enjoying marriage is a whole different ball game.”

It’s wedding season over here! Everyone and their mom is getting married and we’re toasting left and right! With all these young couples getting married, we were inspired to give a snippet of guidance. Before Matthew and I married we read the Five Love Languagesir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=BQLTRObook; which is MUST for every one really, whether you’re in a relationship or single. I always tell my single friends the way to catch a man’s heart is to find out their love language… oh, and learn how to cook (men are simple). Actually, reading this bookir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=BQLTRO Matthew and I both realized why we fell in love with each other in college; we fulfilled each other’s love language without even realizing. I cooked, made him sweet game-day-care-packages and twisted his smelly dreadlocks (Acts of Service). And he left me lovey post-it-notes and told me sweet somethings all the time (Words of Affirmation).

However, the MOST rewarding book we ever read was From This Day Forward: Five Commitments to Fail-Proof Your Marriageir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=by Craig & Amy Groeschel. Opening our eyes to 5 simple but totally life altering key tips, we discovered a completely different mindset on how to nurture our marriage.


This bookir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=highlights five essential ways to fail proof your marriage:


1. Seek Godir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=

This chapter was so eye opening to us. One problem we typically do in our relationships is idolizing our spouses and putting them #1. But as humans we all make mistakes. Instead of putting all the pressure on your spouse, this chapter challenges you to effectively seek your #1 (God) with your #2 (spouse).


2. Fight Fairir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=

#Guilty We couldn’t deny that we sometimes have those arguments where we are just trying to “win”. We shouldn’t fight each other, but rather fight for your marriage.


3. Have Funir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=

The best summary I’ve heard to explain HOW you should have fun. With your spouse, spend that side-to-side, face-to-face, and belly button to belly button time together.


4. Stay Pureir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=

Purity is so important and can look different in seasons of your life.  Craig states profoundly “If the grass looks greener somewhere else, it’s time to water your own yard. Invest in the marriage that God has given you.”


5. Never give upir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=

“Till death do us part” remember? Marriage is sacred and shouldn’t be broken. Always fight for each other.



What books do you recommend or have improved your marriage?


P.S. A love story for the books, and a fun way to laugh with your partner


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