Last year we celebrated my first mothers day but I was a mom for barely two seconds so it didn’t count. Plus I feel way more mom-ier now that a year has past. I rarely like to celebrate me; I’m more of an embarrass and spoil others type person. But let me tell you… being a mom is HARD, so I’m going to milk this holiday as much as I can. I once read the lady who inspired the holiday in the 1900’s later found it too commercialized and spent the final half of her life trying to get rid of it. HA! Typical woman, can’t make up her mind. Being a mom is super fun and I think what gets us through those long nights, random tantrums, clingy toddler moments are the laughs that warm our hearts. I’ve got the best mom and an amazing mom tribe around me, so I asked some of them to give me their FUNNIEST “mom moment” and here’s what they said:



5 Moms | 5 Hilarious Moments


Asking my 5 year old son what his name was…

Brian: Brian Panter

Me: What’s your middle name?

Brian: Umm.. I don’t know

Me: What do we say when you get in trouble?

Brian: Brian go to your room



My one year follows me to the bathroom and became a little too observant. I caught her taking her diaper off and stuffing toilet paper between her legs.



We invited guests to the house for the first time and my daughter exploded through her diaper, it managed to get in her hair and all over my clothes. How?



My 2 year old found some lipstick and colored his entire body and ate the remaining half by the time I caught him.



While serenading my 1 year old to the Moana sound track, she put her hands over my mouth and said “shhh”.




What are some funny mom moments of yours? I want to hear them all!


P.S. Need more laughs? Parenting at its finest.. surprises and all.