I’m probably not the only one, but I didn’t LOVE my wedding photos. We truly lived in the moment on our special day, and didn’t care too much about timing, photographer, videographer, or what the actual venue looked like. We just cared about starting our forever. As sweet as that was, our ceremony took too long, and our photographer was rushed. I never printed them and rarely look back at them, needless to say I’ve been wanting a re-do and waiting for a reason. I didn’t want to wait for a vow renewal or some special wedding milestone because I want those moments to be focused on just that, not the photos. For a re-do, I wanted to focus on capturing our love in photos in the most timeless way. Since Matthew and I take a staycation for our anniversary every year, I thought this was the perfect time to do this shoot I’ve been dreaming of.

We secured our favorite photographer, DNM Photography, and reached out to our favorite local hotel Hilton West Palm Beach to capture us for our 8th wedding anniversary. The staff loved watching us run around the hotel in our fancy outfits and guests told us congratulations, thinking we just got married. When we would correct them and say it’s our anniversary, 8 years in now, they all smiled and applauded us for still wanting to do this kind of thing so many years later.


After three babies and a slow recovery from my c-section birth, I was not about to fit in my old wedding dress. I wanted to shoot in a dress that gave wedding vibes, but wasn’t super fancy. I loved the look of puffy sleeves and a short bodice. My mom boobs were barely contained but I think I pulled it off pretty well. A cheap veil from amazon, comfy shoes from Free People, and some chić sunnies and that’s all I needed. Oh, and well, my incredibly hot husband too.



This was such a fun shoot and every picture came out so perfect. This would be so fun for an after wedding shoot, vow renewal or just for some fun anniversary memories. What are some of your most memorable photos from your wedding?


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