I love a good DIY costume like this one, or this one, and especially this one. BUT there’s also so much joy in buying one online and your kids lighting up with all the frilly extra-ness of the costume. I know in their pre-teen age, the kids will start to push back on my DIY costumes and have their own opinions. I won’t fight them. BUT what I will do, is make them wear whatever random idea pops through my head until that point. HAHA.

So for those looking for some cute and easy store bought costumes, I got you!


Peter Pan Costume for adults and Tinker Bell for kids


Sweet little Ariel for kids and giant Sebastian for adults

SANDY & DANNY from Grease

This is an easy DIY for at home.. all we bought were wigs!

Sandy wig and Danny wig


A great costume can be reused. So I went with Dalmatian pajamas she can wear again, bonus it came in a pack of two. For her ears and tail. We DIY’d a lot of Cruella including the mink coat that was my great great grandmothers! The wig, gloves, and cigarette holder, we purchased as a bundle.

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