When Matthew and I moved in, we were broke as a joke, and fortunately (but unfortunately) the previous owners left their master bedroom furniture behind. After 6 years we finally switched it out. In doing so, a spiral of remodeling ideas came to play. We finally created a sanctuary that matches the rest of our house in just a few short days. I never knew how much we needed to refresh our master bedroom until we remodeled our master bathroom.   IMG  x Photo Oct      PM x Photo Oct      PM x Photo Oct      PM x LIME WASH We are TERRIBLE painters but we really did needed to touch up the paint. Lime wash looked easier for people like us who are not perfect painters and a little bit lazy. We found the perfect shade at Color Atelier called Plateau. We ran two coats over the walls and it turned out pretty good. CARPET VS HARDWOOD We made the choice, despite unpopular opinion, to put carpet down in our master. Adding a plush ivory cream carpet instead of of hardwood while having three kids and a dog seems like a poor choice but hear me out. There were two reasons, the first was because it’s just way more cozy in the room. I miss walking on a nice warm comfortable floor and rolling around the floor with the babies. The second reason was the look. We have dark hardwood floors throughout our house and I didn’t want to change it up as the main living flows straight to our room. However, the light toned furniture we chose for our room wouldn’t look great next to the existing dark wood floor. So light toned carpet it is! Flows great. We stocked up on resolve for all the dirty little humans that live here. Photo Oct      PM x + Arched Mirror
+ Faux Olive Tree
+ Coffee Table Books
+ Picture Frames 
+ Giant Bowl
+ Tall Vase
+ Storage Ottoman
+ Frame TV
+ Standing Lamp
+ Faux Fur Throw 
+ Side Table
+ Circle Mirror 
+ Bedding
+ Lumbar Pillow 
+ Hamper
+ Dresser Set
+ Nightstands
+ Bed Frame
+ Book Case
+ Swivel Accent Chair
+ Night Shades 
+ Curtain Rods
+ Blackout Curtains Photo Oct      PM x Photo Oct      PM x We choose lighter toned furniture in here to brighten up the space. We have dark hardwood floors throughout the house and accents of black everywhere but we really wanted a Tulum getaway in here. As our master bathroom reflects some of these same color patterns and it connects directly to our room we wanted it to blend well. IMG Photo Oct      PM x Photo Oct      PM x Photo Oct      PM x Photo Oct      PM x Photo Oct      PM x Photo Oct      PM x Photo Oct      PM x Photo Oct      PM x

IMG Before the refresh:

 x P.S. Looking for more house refresh ideas? Or want to see more of this room?

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