Is it just me or does everyone get too excited about their gifts for their spouse they end up telling them or giving it to them early? Just me and my best friend? Mmmk, moving on. Every year I take on the traditional gift giving ritual set forth by…. who knows.. but I love it! Each object represents the dynamic and growth of your marriage for that particular year. Here’s a list!







This year will be our 3rd wedding anniversary represented by leather; strong, resilient, durable, and flexible. Unlike the delicate and fragile first two years, our marriage is now stronger and more apt to change but remains durable throughout the years as we face obstacles.


“Leather represents building something lasting, strong and durable. A perfect reminder of your ability to be flexible and make compromises. Leather changes as time goes on; it may grow softer, darker, or develop nicks and scars. Similar to a marriage, which goes through challenges, ups and down, and is forever changed as a result. Life’s beauty comes from its scars and imperfections.” –Anna V


Gifts of sentimental value paired with a deeper meaning make our celebrations each year more memorable. A card and a well thought out gift gets me swooning. No flowers please (even though he did get me flowers… oh well).



Yesterday he told me I am the woman of his dreams & to brush my teeth.

9 months ago we became parents and bought our first home.

3 years ago we said “I do”.

3.5 years ago he flew to Idaho, packed up everything I owned (well, that could fit in my little Honda) and drove to Florida.

4 years ago he surprised me on my birthday and said “will you?” and I said “obvi”.

5 years ago we got back in a relationship after struggling through a long distance relationship.

5.5 years ago he left Idaho and moved back home 2500 miles away from me.

6 years ago we unintentionally became college sweethearts.

7 years ago he ask me to hang out with him on his birthday and I said no.

8 years ago he spotted me on campus and said “I have to know her.”

The best person to ever walk into my life has always and will forever be, you. Cheers to Chapter 3. #HappyAnniversary


What are some well thought anniversary gifts or ideas your significant other done for you? Does any one else use this traditional gift idea for their anniversaries?


P.S. Need more love stories? Need a boost in your marriage game? 

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