Missing My Hometown

It’s a new city, a new state, a new coast, I love it but sometimes (only some times) I miss Idaho. We’re literally in the midst of a hurricane as I type and although this is my second hurricane since living here, I’m still paranoid and scared out of my mind (as I smile calmly for Pia). This “hurrication” we’ve been on has me all in my feels thinking about my hometown.


Things I Miss:

1. Fresh Country Air

2. The snow… but only for a brief second, then I go back to tanning while walking to the mailbox.

3. My parent’s home cooked (incredibly unhealthy) meals every night.

4. Having one traffic light in the whole town.

5. Normal size potatoes (which are giant to everyone here in Florida).

6. My mom, who works out with me everyday.

7. WINCO (only the best grocery store known to man).

8. Stopping in the middle of the road for cattle to cross.

9. Mountains.

10. Not worrying about locking your house or cars.

11. White Christmases.

12. Reed’s Dairy Ice Cream.

13. Basements.

14. Hot springs.

15. My dad, who mows the lawn every two days.

16. Mormons.

17. Starry skies by 7pm.

18. Always having a friend with a boat.

19. Tap water that tastes clean.

20. Only being a drive away from my best friend.

21. Snow days.

22. Our big log house and it’s oversized game “room”.

23. No traffic.

24. Having one gym that EVERY one goes to (Hi Apple Family).

25. My high school friends.


Things I Don’t Miss:

1. The cold.

2. The looming fear of an icicle collapsing on my head.

3. Living in the middle of nowhere.

4. Icey roads.

5. One movie theater.

6. Spiders.

7. Roadkill everywhere.

8. Life going on without me.

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Have any of you had to move far away from your friends and family? What’s your hometown like?


P.S. Wanna make your home look nice without the costs? Or how to make your new house feel like home.

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