I’m in my frugal girl era and so I really struggled making a gift guide this year. I usually make my guides based on what I would want, but this year I just didn’t want to push materialistic things on you. I decided to turn this around to list all the things I would truly love on Mother’s day that are truly priceless.


And I’m not talking, let mom lay in bed but you’ve got kids screaming in the living room. Moms can hear everything so you need to be strategic about this. Wake up early, to intercept all the kids from entering your room and sneaking in your bed. And then take them all outside or better yet, go get her some coffee.


Ok so this takes a few coins but come on, she makes her pod coffee every day almost three times a day, so go get her some delicious coffee from somewhere else. And maybe to be safe, grab her a different one in case you butcher the first order.


She’s not going to feel like she can rest, if there is stuff to get done around the house. Of course the list is never ending, but if you can take care of all the visible stuff… that might help!


Except have the kids make it with you. Anything is more meaningful when the kids are involved and excited to bring you their creation. Bonus points for making her favorite breakfast or a homemade pastry.


I don’t take a long time to get ready, out of survival. I don’t have the luxury to take my time, so on a special day, it would be nice to do so.


Moms plan all day, every day and there is no rest for her brain. It’s so nice to not have to think and just go with the flow. Even if it’s nothing grand or a day full of plans, just let her know you have some things planned so she doesn’t just twiddle her fingers wondering what she should do that day.


Matthew has known since the courting days that all I TRULY want for any special occasion is a card full of his own words. And it’s even more special if you have the kids make the card themselves! Kids art makes my heart happy, especially if it’s for me. Here’s some cute crafty ideas.


Put her favorite movie on, take the kids out for a long walk or a trip to the park and let her rest. Something every mom needs, but rarely gets.

Appreciation and love shouldn’t be limited to one day. These things should be sprinkled in all the time, but to give her a full day of overwhelming love, is much appreciated and well deserved. Mamas, I hope you have the perfect mix of chaos and love today. xoxx

P.S. If you do want some gift ideas, check these out.

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