This post is sponsored by OshKosh B’Gosh however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

It’s April ya’ll. This means, spring cleaning, Easter candy, and lots of tears as we celebrate ANOTHER birthday for Pia. Our daughter is turning TWO… how, when, why?? Looking back at another quick year we realize once again how unforgiving time is. I feel like it was just yesterday we were excited to see her smiling for the first time, now she’s making everyone laugh! I think the funniest thing she says now is  “OH GOSH” but it sounds more like “OOOH GARRSH”. Coming into year two we see more and more of her personality shine. We see, silly yet incredibly bright, rule follower with a bit of risk taker, and girly girl but still 100% tomboyish. You can’t stop this girl from playing in the sand and dirt, but this girl LOVES herself some dresses and shoes!


For her year two pictures we surprised her with OshKosh’s awesome spring collection of dresses and sandals, and I’m not joking when I say this, she said “oh goshhh!” “so pretty” to every dress. Matthew was dying of laughter and Pia was all too eager to put them on! Sorry we went a bit over board on pictures because we were capturing so many cute shots of her adorable outfits from OshKosh! It took us hours to pick just one photo for her birthday invitations!


I couldn’t tell which one she or I loved more! The collection is adorable this spring and all the dresses were comfortable and trendy! I like her to dress like a mini me which is exactly why I LOVED Oshkosh’s spring line, every piece is something I would wear too! Each dress had originality to it which really highlighted Pia’s characteristics. My favorite part about these dresses were how timeless they were designed. Adorable as ever, running around in comfort and style, that’s my girl! I mean come on guys, look at that off the shoulder action…. so cute!

These dresses are amazing for her birthday pictures and will be equally beautiful for Easter pictures. With all the Easter festivities coming up this spring you will definitely see Pia hunting for eggs in this dainty white polkadot dress with the frilly sleeves and a cute little peek a boo back.

We got the dresses down but I couldn’t forget Pia’s favorite pieces to her outfits, her shoes. With pretty sandals for special occasions and comfy cute slides for play, OshKosh has us covered. I can’t stress enough how much I want to find all these in my size, I mean the adorableness is out of this world!

You know us as an OshKosh family for their affordable, quality, and stylish clothing for Pia where we accomplish getting the wow and the comfort factor. Make sure you check out their new collection for the cutest pieces this spring! Have a coupon on us (below) and find your nearest store here.


What are your favorite pieces for Spring?


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