Once upon a time a boy met a girl and the girl dodged the boy at all costs. No, we didn’t have one of those “at first sight” loves. It was more of a gradual love. I believe there’s always two parts to a love story, his and hers. I’ll let him tell his story first…

our-love-story-image-1From way way wayyy back

It was just another typical cold day in Moscow, Idaho, my teammates and I just got out of another hard and dreadful day of practice. We went about our routine, post-practice clowning around in the locker rooms followed with treatment. Headed home from a long day, my friend and I took our usual walk, passing the athletic workout facility when we noticed the girls Tennis Team working out. As we passed by, my friend brought a beautiful young lady to my attention. She was this tiny four foot nothing Asian who was half heartedly doing her team workouts; crazy to think that I was actually gazing upon my future wife. From that day forward she ran through my mind constantly and I could not be at peace without satisfying my desire to know everything and anything about that woman and be a part of her life no matter what it took. It was days before my birthday and I thought there was no better opportunity than now to “break the ice” by asking her to accompany me on my special day. I got denied. BUT my attempt, or should I say attempts, did not go unnoticed. I was very persistent and continued to do whatever was necessary to get her attention. As time passed our mutual friends began to be the reason for our encounters and I took advantage of every moment. In doing so it then led to her being my number one fan, supporting me at every single home game, best friend, comforting me after every loss (and boy! there were many), and lover, spending every memorable moment together. Her smile lights up a room, her laugh brightens my day, and her encouraging words motivate me daily. I love her with all of me, and will continue to let my love adorn her till death do us part.

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*Insert sob intermission* I tear up every time he tells “his” story. Anyways… now my turn…
Hers… It actually all started with a quote, “Date someone you could never see yourself dating.” It just so happened that when I stumbled across that quote, so did the muscular dread headed, overly confident, charismatic football player Mr. Harvey. Despite all the times I had rejected him… he still continued to make himself present. All of the sudden, he was getting out of practice the exact same time I was getting out (I knew he was done with practice an hour before me). His classes gradually started to take place in the classroom right next to mine (we all know he was not an accounting or political science major). And he just seemed to always be “in the neighborhood” to stop by and say hi (he even borrowed peoples bikes to ride by my apartment).

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His persistence intrigued me and his personality kept me. He annoyed me to no end; but he made me laugh like no other. He talked too much; but his voice became the soundtrack to my heart. He was the complete opposite of me, but he was unquestionably and undoubtedly meant just for me. From Facebook messages to hour-long phone calls; casual run-ins to sweet romantic rendezvous; and Skype dates to plane flights our relationship grew stronger and stronger. It wasn’t love at first sight; it was gradual love. I loved him before I knew I loved him and because I loved him, because I love him, I promise to love every moment with him for eternity and beyond.
After we both graduated from college, I took a job right away at the University of Idaho and he continued to pursue professional football moving back to Florida. It had been a few CHALLENGING years doing distance but we really can testify that distance does make the heart grow fonder. We had no idea where we’d end up but the few times a year we’d spend together made it worth it.

But then one trip to Florida to spend my birthday with him turned into this….

After that, it was a wrap. He flew to Idaho, we packed up all my stuff (clothes) in one car and we (Matthew) drove 44 hours, over 2500 miles to South Florida.

Well… the love never stopped there… we continue to fall in love with each other everyday. Yes, EVERY day. We had some really low lows (like crazy lows) but lots of really high highs. It’s magical.. It’s rough.. It’s love.




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Steve Daubs Photography


Steve Daubs Photography


Drew Curry Photography

Everyone’s love story is different, but each is special. We want to hear your love story in the comments below!


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