We had the BEST time on the West coast per usual. Couldn’t fit in enough time for everyone and everything but made the best of it. Compiled our memories and made a fun video to look back on, we call it the Pia Tour 2018 because… she is Pia, and she runs the world (our world).

We are overflowed with gratefulness to our loved ones so much we made a list:


Thank You List:


  • Nana & Papa – Another thank you for being the greatest, flying to SF and then driving to Portland three days later. You guys are crazy but also #GrandparentGoals So happy to have these memories of you both & Pia <3
  • Brian & Kathleen – You both are beyond words amazing! Thank you for letting us take over your room since we popped your blow up mattress ? Also, thank you for letting Pia tear UP your house & playing “where’s Pia?” for 20 minutes straight.
  • Auntie Linda & co – We are still in shock that you threw an actual Pia party. We just love you so much!
  • Asercion Family – Thank you for traveling from far to come see us (Pia) !
  • Micaela – Thank you for the amazing Auntie spoiling you do & taking the best bubble & Pia pictures EVER (also the most embarrassing picture of me too, thanks).
  • Jo-Jo & Brian – Thank you for teaching us Spike Ball, we can’t stop thinking about it.
  • Vet – Too many things to list. Thank you for having me be part of your special day. Hosting us and letting Pia take over your Netflix account and taking everything out of your non-child proof cabinets. ALL THE FOOD OMG. Thank you for introducing Pia & Matthew to Salmon Rolls… they can’t stop won’t stop. And for loving me unconditionally for the rest of my life #AFC
  • Max – Thank you for letting us steal your wife for a week. Thanks for adjusting your swifter to Pia size, she won’t leave ours alone now. Thank you for cleaning your backyard so Pia could play in it! AND thank you in advance for being the best husband to my best friend!
  • Carol – Thank you so so much for all the Pia toys and necessities! She absolutely loved putting all of Vet’s remotes in the stroller and pushing them around the house.
  • Cole – Thank you for a good time per usual ? . Thanks for exploring with us all and making me laugh, I miss you!
  • Vet’s Family – Thank ALL of you so much for the boat day and fun Portland adventures! PDX FOR LIFE.
  • God – Most of all. Always and forever grateful for your grace & mercy!




Pia tour  image

















Where should we travel to next?


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