We don’t do the scary thing in this house; you won’t find a devil, ghost, or green-faced witch at the Harvey’s. I mean, have you seen the decor at HomeDepot lately? I almost peed my pants trying to buy paint the other day! On the other hand, dressing up as something cute and creative is always fun! We decided to play on something that Pia LOVES for her first Halloween, bath time! Honestly, what’s cuter than a baby dressed as a travel size loofah?

For those last minute frugal moms out there looking for a costume, the Loofah took me less than an hour and about $8. ALMOST easier than a Ghost costume made out of a bed-sheet.

DIY Travel Size Loofah:

  • Tulle Fabric (I used about 15 yards)
  • Rope (About 2 yards)
  • Onesie (go with a bigger size)
  • Needle and thread

Email us for instructions! 


What’s your best Halloween costume?


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