We’ve recently converted Pia to a big girl bed which in turn, led us to build (mommy’s dream) house bed frame to go with it! This bed is ALL over Pinterest but we couldn’t bring ourselves to pay the ridiculous price we saw online; so we built it ourselves and under $100 too! If you have a moderately handy hubby, a few tools and a close HomeDepot, YOU CAN DO IT!

Some of you were asking us why we transferred Pia out of her crib so soon; well let me explain. Climbing out of the crib scared us to death. Which she was doing very early; so we took the wall off the crib. However this led to her thinking she can come in our room every couple of hours. Matthew and I were strict by walking her back to her room each time. (Which meant we were zombies for about a month or two). We thought she just wanted to sleep with us, but found out she really just loves our bed, the comfort & the size. It’s a plus that we’re in there too.


DIY Toddler House Bed Frame

Researching how to build a toddler house bed frame, we found the best and most detailed instructions here! The Design Confidential has a plethora of useful and amazing DIY projects, including this house bed frame in all sizes!


One thing to note is we needed to buy an additional 2×3″ at 6′ board to satisfy the cuts required for the bed frame.


Silk & Snow Mattress

Silk and Snow reached out to us to try out their mattresses and see how we like it. It was almost fate for the timing of it all, so we said SURE, send one for Pia and lets see if this solves our problem! She was ecstatic about her big bed; the first night she slept throughout the entire night and didn’t get up once! We noticed she stayed cool the entire night (she sweats a lot in her sleep like her daddy); and we attribute this to the cooling gel foam feature in their Coil Mattress. There’s been a few nights where she gets up and walks to our room and creepily stands two inches from our face; however, it’s significantly less and she never fights going back to bed.

One piece of parenting advice that we received when we were pregnant was to,

Buy a bed for her that you wouldn’t mind sleeping in, because you’ll be in there a lot.

Well they were SPOT on! If you haven’t pretended to sleep so your toddler would fall asleep and end up waking up 3 hours later, are you even a parent? We leave her bed without a single sleep interruption with Silk & Snow’s amazing motion transfer absorption! Matthew and I have taken our fair share of sleeps in this mattress and we are very pleased! Wouldn’t mind replacing our king with Silk & Snow because we absolutely love the combination of all the layers that go into this mattress. The balance of the gel memory foam with the coils giving it just enough bounce. One thing I love which I don’t believe others notice, is the fact that her mattress doesn’t sag when you sit on the edge of the mattress.

Although our current king bed mattress is comfortable, it’s falling apart on the edges from getting in and out and sitting on the side of the bed. Little did I know that the Silk & Snow’s anti-sag edge support was a thing and now it’s EVERYTHING! Definitely loving this mattress, not only for ourselves, but for our little girl too!


What DIY projects are you guys loving right now?


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