We moved Pia into a bigger room and redecorated the entire thing! I wish we could have recorded her cute little face when she walked in for the first time because she literally looked like every person on Fixer Upper when walking into their new home. She’s easy to please. If you know me, you know that I’m not one to decorate with bright colors, but I needed to give her a fun kid space that was aesthetically pleasing, but 100% cute. Here is Pia’s Toddler Room Remodel!

Every wall in our house was painted a dirty tan color that literally makes me cringe, so obviously we brightened that thing up with some bright white paint! Before she was born I knew we’d need a chalk board wall which happened to be the easiest project we’ve (Matthew’s) ever done! One coat of paint on this bad boy and we were good to go! We used two cans of this chalkboard paint

. Attached an adorable cloud wall shelf

to hold the chalk and eraser.

For something fun and different in her room I was drawn to wallpaper. I moved away from the idea of wallpaper because 1) every wallpaper I wanted was ridiculously expensive And 2) I’ve never installed wallpaper and really didn’t want to try to figure that out. THEN, I found the best company all home decorators need to discover, UrbanWalls. The hands down easiest and cutest way to add flavor to any room. I purchased these adorable rainbow dot decals from Urban Walls and put them all over her room in less than 20 minutes. Talk about a win. They’re having a back to school sale! Use code MYSUMMER15.

Auntie Karina bought Pia a this simple but amazingly all white tent

(because she knows me so well) and knew it would blend easily in her room! I added some pom pom ribbon

to the door flaps to match with her theme.

This adorable kitchen (thank you Grandma & Grandpa) is from here

and literally her favorite thing in her room. She will sit in front of the cabinets to open and close them ALL. DAY. LONG. No child locks on these babies.

You don’t know how excited Matthew and I are to have cute tea parties with her on her adorable table. One of the greatest finds on Amazon.

If you have a Target, pick one of these adorable heads up. Pia LOVES him and gives him kisses every time we walk into her room. The Lion’s mane is similar to Pia’s hair every morning. Perfect match.

We are going for a Montessori approach for Pia’s toddler room. Everything (for the most part) can be accessed at her will. Encouraging a strong independent little lady. She can access majority of her books from these spice racks

we used for books shelves, and all her toys in this cute bin.

We plan on building her a toddler bed when Grandpa comes to visit. Stay tuned!


What do you think about Pia’s big girl room makeover??


P.S. Remember this remodel?