Moving from a small town where no one locks their doors and there’s really no such thing as strangers, you can imagine how on edge I was when moving to busy, crazy, south Florida. Having a few scary and close encounters since being here, I knew I needed to carry something on me when alone. Revolar’sir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=BXPMWXGVgenius idea works faster than your smart phone, lets our contacts know we’re safe, uneasy, or in serious trouble with just a click of a button.


Here are 5 reasons we LOVE this product:


  1. Feel Safe Outside

I HATE running on treadmills, but I made Matthew buy me one because I was SO scared to run outside. When taking Mac out for walks or going for a quick run, I would worry that if something happened, how much time would I actually have to call 911, send a text to hubby, or share my location? Revolar Instinctir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=BXYWDSY can hook to my bra strap and all I have to do is click twice or three times to let my hubs know to put on his superman suit and find me ASAP!


safety done right image


  1. Traveling

Hooking this on my keys and heading out the door lets me go far, but stay safe. I don’t know about you, but I never know where I am, so, if all I have to do is click this button once, my family knows exactly where to find me wherever I go.



  1. Child Safety

With a baby, I think of all the evil things in the world and I’m still working on finding a solution for them all. I think Revolar Instinctir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=BXYWDSY solves about 80% of them. Although a ways away, I can ensure Pia gets to school ok, gets home ok, if she’s ever in trouble, I’ll know. I’m still unsure of giving my child a cell phone at a young age, so this helps my sanity without compromising. If I had this when I was in college, I’m sure my Dad would have less sleepless nights.



  1. It’s Cute

There’s a reason I don’t wear a big thick Fit Bit bracelet, or lug around a huge can of mace, or have a belt with a hidden knife pocket. They aren’t stylish or convenient for me to wear everyday (especially running). I am a minimalist, so the fact that I can remember to bring one item for safety,  so tiny, it fits on my bra strap, connects bulge free on my keys, or hangs delicately on my purse and it’s legal to carry everywhere (even on planes)… I’m all in!



  1. But Wait There’s More

We found out Revolar Instinctir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=BXYWDSYis a fitness tracker; it can make calls to our phone to find it or exit uncomfortable situations (i.e. a bad date or an unwanted convo at the grocery store); we can find our keys or whatever else we misplace and a few other unique things that people love. It’s more than just a panic button… and I like that. Check out more about Revolar here.



All in all, we love this product. I think it’s perfect if you’re living on your own, spend time outside running or walking your dog, or have children that you want to ensure are safe. We feel blessed to have stumble across such an amazing company. I think if you all could listen to the founder’s story of why they built this, you’ll all be convinced that no matter what stage of life you’re in, you need Revolarir?t=omefhearve &l=am&o=&a=BXPMWXGV.


What keeps you safe? What do you use to ensure your kids are safe?


P.S. If you lose your keys, don’t also lose your time to be productive.

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