The last month of 2017 we essentially lived out of a suitcase, traveled across the country twice, and took a much needed mental break. Career aspirations, achievements, and 2017 goals are all so important but never at the price of heath or family. So we really took pleasure in just being completely off the radar, surrounding ourselves with family, friends, and good food. There’s something magical about the fresh crisp air, untouched powdered white snow and snuggling next to a wood burning fire during Christmas time in Idaho; one of the best places to relax. Idaho has been the special state where we met and fell in love and now we are blessed to go back and celebrate special occasions with our little Pia.

We ate, played canasta, and ate some more. Maybe next time we’ll do more things worth vlogging about… till then, enjoy ?


Christmas In Idaho



What the hell is there to do in Idaho?


One question I will get undoubtedly get every time I mention I’m from Idaho. Well there’s plenty, so i’ve made a list of some of the 10 best things:

  1. Snowboard/ Skiing (We were too Floridian to bear the 10 degree weather on the mountain to go this trip… but next time, we’re THERE!)
  2. Snowmobiling through Yellowstone (One of my best memories)
  3. Ice Skate… on real, iced-over, bodies of water.
  4. Sand dunes shenanigans
  5. Boating in the lakes
  6. Gondola Rides 
  7. Feeding bears and driving through herds of buffalo
  8. Eat the best Homemade Huckleberry Ice cream (And huckleberry everything else)
  9. Dipping into Hot springs
  10. Hiking Craters of the moon (Huge area of lava rock from ancient volcanos)









 What other fun things can you do in Idaho?


P.S. Need more fun facts about Idaho? What else Christmas was going on?

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