It’s our anniversary * Tony! Toni! Toné voice* Stand up if you aren’t too young to know who that is! You know you’re old when you catch yourself saying, “Where has the time gone?” Reflecting on the concept of time a little bit here as we reminisce on the 9 blissful and blistering years of knowing each other and the last 4 supersonic years we’ve been married. We were skinnier, and clueless, and way more well rested than we are today, but it’s been such an amazing ride. (Giveaway details below)


“Feels like we just celebrated our anniversary last year!” -Matthew (I’m telling you, find yourself a funny guy)

As you know, we heavily document our lives AP (life after Pia) because the first few years of our marriage flew by like a blur of undefined moments. We want to cherish every year, every month, and every moment and capture our journey to pursue our dreams, raise our babies, remember the love we share during special moments. It’s a beautiful thing to look back over the years and remember the beautiful experiences and happy memories time has brought us rather than thinking “where has the time gone?”


For our 4th anniversary we promised ourselves to make every minute worth living and all our days’ worth remembering so we don’t dwell on the passing of time, but embrace the present moment. This anniversary we each picked out a unique watch to represent each other’s personality and style, each engraved with “1/24/15”.

The greatest gift you can give someone is time. When you give your time, you’re giving someone a portion of their life that you will never get back.



We are partnering up with JORD to give the gift of time to yourself or your loved ones. Each piece has exquisite detail and uniquely beautiful designs to fit any style. Currently picking out some matching watches for VDAY from the men’s and women’s collection!

Matthew chose for me this dainty & minimal watch from the Arcadia Collection. He said, although delicate on the outside, the dark black marquina marble represents the bold strong inside that makes me fierce. (I swear he googled that). With interchangeable bands, I’m in love. For Matthew, I chose from the Hyde Collection as the unique wood band represents his dependability as a husband with a modern, beautiful, bar setting face. He said he loved it (obviously – good husbands always do).

One lucky winner will be chosen at the end of the contest to receive a $100.00 to spend on a JORD watch of choice! Though there can only be one winner, every person that enters will automatically receive 10% off. Contest will close 1/27/2019 so hurry up and enter here!


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time flies image

time flies image

time flies image

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time flies image

We love these watches and plan to treat ourselves next year for our 5th year anniversary with matching wood watches. The traditional anniversary gift for 5 years is wood (strength and wisdom will continue to grow and flourish just like a tree continues to grow); how fitting?


Which Jord watch is your favorite?


P.S. More on traditional anniversary gifts? Marriage is bliss after you read this book!