What’s it like having two babies under two, one shedding 24/7 and the other climbing everything in sight? It’s pure bliss. I think one of the best accidental plans we’ve ever made was getting our Labrador Retriever, Mac, right before our daughter, Pia, was born. If you didn’t already know, they are just a few months apart, absolutely infatuated with each other, and the cutest duo you’ll ever see. We feel as though Mac prepared us for parenthood in all aspects, the caring, the patience, and oh my, the cleaning!


With a toddler around crawling on the floor and putting anything she finds in her mouth, it’s very important in our home that we can reduce the amount of bacteria that spreads around. One place in particularto keep clean from the outside world, is Mac’s mouth. In order to keep the bacteria away, we’d need to maintain brushing his teeth, and controlling his diet, sounds simple right? However, while brushing our own teeth and trying to chase down our toddler to brush her teeth; brushing Mac’s teeth is, sadly, at the very bottom of our to-do list. As far as diet, there is no telling what Mac eats following our toddler around the house as she drops pieces accidentally (and purposefully) on the floor. Our dog can’t be the only one that’s eaten a sock or two or completely engulfed a chew toy, right?

Okay, so now that we’ve determined we don’t brush his teeth often enough, we’ve relied on dental chews to help us ALL out. We’ve used quite a few brands with Mac and he has no preference, being that he eats them all. But if every dog dental chew cleans the teeth, which one is truly best? The Missing Link’s Smartmouth’s dental chews caught my eye because this chew contains a daily vitamin supplement that helps with gums, skin, coat, and everything wellness. We’re cleaning his teeth, and improving his overall health and THAT makes me feel better as a mom. Reducing the bacteria carried in his mouth also reduces the bacteria carried into our house, which in turns keeps Pia a bit safer!

Another thing I loved about this chew is the amount of time it took Mac to chew it! Typically we’d give him a dental chew and by the time I zip the bag up, he’s staring at us for another. With the Smartmouth’s dental chew it took him a bit over 5 minutes which is honestly longer than anyone brushes their teeth, so I have a comforting feeling that it’s really working all around those teeth!

Labs are known to have hip and joint issues when they get older, but I know for now we are being preventative so he can continue to keep up with this busy toddler he chases around daily. I too grew up with a lab until we both reached 14 and now I want the same bond and friendship I had with my pup for Pia! Smartmouth Dental Chews are keeping the dirty bacteria at bay and giving him that extra supplement he may not be getting with his food to keep him with us a long as possible! Pia knows as soon as we get home, Mac gets his “treat”, but what she doesn’t know, is that treat, is truly a treat for all of us.


How do you keep your dog’s teeth clean?


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