Growing up my parents ALWAYS made sure we knew what we wanted to get our parents for these types of holidays even through my 20’s. Now that I’m nearly 30, I’ve got a handle on this and can fully manage to gift my parents on my own without that reminder text from mom, “What are you getting Dad?… He needs more t-shirts.” I was always on the hunt for the most unique Father’s Day gifts that wouldn’t disappoint.

I do admit that I go a little overboard when it comes to gifting Matthew from his 1 year old daughter. I even write cards and sign them “Love, your favorite daughter, Pia”. For his “first” Father’s day, Pia was not even 2 months only and I made a scavenger hunt of gifts and put together a Father’s day video. This year I toned it down but still let the creative juices flow.



Unique Dad Gifts:


Man Crates

I love them ALL. I love them for every holiday for every man in my life. I’ve gifted my own father items from Man Crates including a cemented brick with a gift card to his favorite store inside. It came with a hammer and safety goggles to demolish it. It was great.

One of my favorites was a heart shaped box of exotic beef jerky that I surprised Matthew with for Valentines day. He embarrassingly thought I sent a box of chocolates to his office only to be romanced and thrilled with chewy savory meat. This was hit for him and ALL the men in the office #WifeyPoints

harveys image


Beard Kit

I know this is weird… but A LOT of men have trouble growing a thick masculine beard. Help him grow into his position of man of the house with a strong firm full beard! A few years ago Matthew told me he couldn’t grow facial hair… But if you see him today, he looks like a shorter version of James Harden. I got him this Mountain men beard kit from Amazon and has done wonders.

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Whiskey & Rum Making Kit

Okay, so this hasn’t been gifted yet… but it’s on the list. My dad used to brew his own beer and make his own wine and I thought, what a perfect bar decoration this would make while ACTUALLY making his own whiskey!

whiskey maker x


Sleek Calendar Easel

I picked out my 12 favorite photos of Matthew and Pia and put together this simple yet beautifully unique desk calendar for his office from Artifact Uprising. Goodbye tacky photo collage calendars that hang on a bulletin board, and hello sexy sleek and incredibly adorable cardstock calendar easel.

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Matching T-Shirts

Matthew feels a little left out when it comes to matching with Pia. It’s always mommy & me outfits. I found a plethora of shirts and jerseys to match on Amazon and Etsy. How adorable to see a grown man matching with his baby girl. #HeartIsMelting

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This is the video I made for Matthew last year for his First Father’s Day.


What do you have planned for Father’s Day? Any cool gifts that your dad just absolutely adored?


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