Unique Girls Room Refresh

This may come as a shock to you (or not) that this is my 3rd time changing this room up. But this time, I really wanted it to feel a little less like a pinterest kids room, but THEIR room. Since the girls share this room, I wanted to personalize to make it specially curated for them. I added ONE thing that did just that! 

First off, I needed to take off the rainbow wall decals I put all over their room, and luckily I used Urban Wall Decals so that every time I change the room up, it’s easy removal. We wanted to add an accent wall of something different but we were SCARED of wallpaper.  There is no way I’m applying the traditional way of wallpaper ever in my life, SO I found an awesome alternative. Wall Blush was a beautiful way to apply wall paper… PEEL & STICK! Now that’s what I’m talking about! You can see in our video that we applied and peeled it off several times, but for our first time, it came out pretty good! I also feel like the design we chose, hide a lot of mistakes.



We kept all of the same furniture and just added one more piece, this couch. It’s actually so sturdy and mommy and daddy can sit on it. Their room needed some additional seating but I couldn’t do another bean bag chair or pouf, so I found this perfect addition! Also, perfect for their “PeneloPia” pictures.


Finally, for our most favorite addition that truly makes this room theirs, is our custom Neon Light sign we made with Yellow Pop. Truly the most unique thing I’ve seen in a kids room that doubles down as a night light and cool decor piece. We don’t even use our main room light now because this sign can get BRIGHT! We love the dimmer, it has such a wide range of light that it’s perfect for any time of the day/ night. We customized this sign to be cut around the letters to make it look more clean and really stand out. See details below!


Overall, we love the room and we hope you do too! I’ve tried to link everything below but if you don’t see something you like, message us and ask!















Girl’s Room Details:


What’s your favorite part of their room?


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