When Matthew and I first bought our home, the first thing we did was renovate the kitchen. We turned it into our dream kitchen (minus the personal chef). Now that we have a baby running around we have made a few modifications to our dream kitchen that were essential for our family of three. We partnered up with Wayfair to give you our Ultimate Kitchen Essentials but we added a toddler to it.


Ultimate Kitchen Essentials| Toddler Edition:

  1. Cabinet Organization: The obvious cabinet locks are a given… but do you know how quick a toddler is? As soon as you open that cabinet door your toddler drunkenly sprints towards you to get all the Tupperware out before you find the lid you need.Organization is key for any cabinet/ pantry for quick entry!
  2. Automatic Trash Can: Dirty diapers and Curious-George-like toddlers need an automatic trash bin. Pia can’t access, and guest can’t smell her diapers either.
  3. Farm house sink: didn’t realize we needed it until we gave Pia a bath at a friend’s house. No breaking our backs during bath time at our house! #GameChanger
  4. Keurig… “First coffee, then we do the things”
  5. Knife Storage.. Hide all sharp objects with locks on locks. Otherwise, she will find them and she will use them!



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What are some of your kitchen MUST HAVES?


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