I feel like most seasoned moms say the same thing when asked what they want for Mother’s Day, “A handmade card and a hug.” My mom is that way; even on their special day, mom’s remain selfless. I feel as though Mother’s work hard every day so it’s nice to gift them things that help make their jobs easier on a daily basis all year long; a gift that never stops giving!

  1. Roomba – I’ve learned after kids, you clean 3587349 times more than before them. Help a mama out and have something help do this job for her every day.
  2. Keurig – “No coffee, no workee” literally what it says on the top of our Keurig. No need for pants and loading the car seat up with fussy kids to get your coffee fix… make your coffee in the comfort of your underwear.
  3. Cast Iron Skillet– One thing that can’t be just shoved in a dishwasher, a pan. So an easy to clean non-stick pan that I can cook an entire meal in, sign me up.
  4. Silk pillowcase – I’ve missed three hair appointments in the last 8 months so Spa day, let alone a spa hour is not happening. Bring the Spa to me and help me improve my hair and skin every night by sleeping on this.
  5. Fresh plant – I’m pretty practical when it comes to receiving floral gifts. I’m usually more appreciative of a potted herb than a dozen long-stem roses. Flowers are great but a fresh plant is better. This I can have sit beautifully (if I don’t kill it) in my home for years to come rather than a few days.

I love anything thoughtful and personalized. Matthew has learned quickly that I’d cherish a cheap personalized calendar over a diamond necklace (sorry babe). It’s the thought, love and time that goes into planning and making these gifts that I value most. So here are a few of the sappy personal gifts that mom’s love too.

  1. Phone case – Just recently discovered that Castify lets you customize phone cases with your kid’s artwork. Need I say more??
  2. Engraved Jewelry – We all wear it, it’s all shiny, but what about something that has a story behind it, a name on it, a birthstone attached to it? Here are some places that help you think outside of the box a little: Mejuri ByChari & Merci Maman
  3. Personalized Calendar – I LOVE mine and I get a new picture surprise each month!
  4. Personalized Tote – Grocery store, beach, market, anywhere, this cute tote holds it all and hold is well but most importantly… looks cute. You’ve all seen me preach about this brand. I just love them!


What are your favorite gifts for Mother’s Day?


P.S. Need more gift ideas? Need a good laugh on Mother’s Day?