DNM xWelcome to our little corner of the internet, we are the Harveys! We like to think of ourselves as the modern American family! We both left our full time corporate jobs to be full time parents and content creators. Over here you’ll find our love for God, marriage, and parenting. We talk lots about our remodeled house we took on by ourselves, our love for fitness but also food, all things lifestyle fashion, and an in depth look at parenting three super different but all incredibly cute kids.

I started this blog in 2017 to document our lives for our friends and family. It has evolved into a platform to inspire and encourage others, help us to motivate and build ourselves in ways we may not otherwise have known, and connect to like minded individuals all around the world.

Follow our crazy family on our journey of… figuring ish out! It’s gonna be fun… I can feel it.

With Love,

Dana, Matthew, Pia, Penelope, Simeon, and Mac



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