Who went through their pantries for the new year to purge and clean out all the junk and make room for all the healthy snacks we found at Trader Joes? Well, it started out this way but then I decided to tear out the entire pantry and remake another one. I’ve had this vision for this pantry for awhile but I did not want to commit to project with our busy schedules. So when my (retired) Dad started digging into my pantry … light bulb! He knocked this out (basically by himself) in a couple of days and that’s with approved union hours!

So let’s get into the layout. I’ve dreamed of a butlers kitchen my entire 30’s but it wasn’t going to happen in my little 2,000 sq ft house. So I found the second best butlers kitchen, I’m calling it the butler’s pantry! I wanted countertop space to hold appliances that are necessary, but I don’t necessarily love them sitting on my countertop all the time. These guys can be tucked away, but still easily accessible. The airfryer and coffee maker also needed a new home because my breaker did not allow those two and my microwave to be working simultaneously.



The drawers. Yes the drawers are beautiful, and yes we cut out a lot of potential storage space by putting these in. But hear me out! The biggest problem we had with our existing pantry was the poor accessibility to food which caused a lot of food to be pushed back and never to be seen again. Until I was motivated to purge that is. I leaned more towards building a minimal style pantry with maximum efficiency. I feel a change already in how we buy snacks knowing exactly what we have because we can clearly see them. Instead of having deep shelves where we had to pull things out to get to items in the back, I’m find the drawers to be a perfect solution! We got a little custom over here when we made shift this drawer base. We purchased two unfinished drawer bases at Home Depot and shaved off about 1/4” on the inside of the front frame so they could fit side by side in the pantry. We screwed the two drawers together and it looked seamless as if it were one unit.

The drawers would not be able to open all the way because of the doors. So we ended up taking off the drawer faces and screwing them back on off center, bringing them closer to the center. You couldn’t tell, unless you opened the drawer and looked inside which I didn’t mind. We finished them off with some paint and simple cabinet knobs from amazon.

Butcher block. Out of the sake of time and available resources we decided to go with a butcher block countertop. They not only look nice but they are very functional and versatile in design. We purchased this block from Home Depot and cut about a foot off the length and also made cuts to fit around the pantry frame.

I know everyone wanted me to leave the butcher block it’s natural color but the mix of wood from our flooring just didn’t look good to me. Going dark was also pulling me out of my comfort zone so I got excited. We went with a special walnut stain and it matched so well with the floor. It also gave the pantry a very traditional cozy cottage vibe. We did just one coat of stain and about three coats of polyurethane.

We repeated this step for the shelves after we cut one butcher block in half making each shelf 12” deep. We spaced them with no rhyme or reason besides what I can fit on each shelf.

Shiplap Backsplash. We had so many holes on the wall from the previous wire shelves and the paint was pulling off the drywall so we ended up just covering the walls with a pretty tongue and groove. This gave it character and saved us from patching holes and painting for days.

French Doors. Ok these obviously weren’t meant to be french doors but I wanted them to look like it! I purchased bifold doors from Wayfair that were unfinished with glass and we ended up fusing them together with a biscuit joiner. I learned about this when my dad asked for one for fathers day and then went crazy biscuit joining everything together when I was a kid. We had to add some 2×4’s to the frame to fit the doors in and stop them from pushing in. We added a magnet to the top so it sort of clicks in. I love that sound. We added the drawer pulls that I decided not to use on the drawers for the door handles. I thought they blended beautifully.

Paint. I really wanted to get bold and do something different, but it’s a dark space and it’s small so I decided to go with my gut and stick with a warm white. We painted the drawers, tongue and grove backsplash and doors Silky White in matte by Behr.

Everything came together so beautifully and better than I imagined. Special shoutout to my parents to basically building this whole thing while I was fighting off the flu. They are incredible and made my butler pantry dreams come true!

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