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One of my favorite things to ask couples is how they found each other. Was it through a friend, a random conversation in line at the coffee shop, or the internet? I love to hear everyone’s first encounter to finding the one true match. Well, this is real life and finding your perfect match life partner may not be easy, but it can be for a car on Autotrader.

Whoa, so that took a slight turn you probably weren’t expecting, but stick with me here. I joke because I married the man I never would have thought I would, but ended up being everything I’d want and more. It was almost like I took a quiz, and they told me who I needed, yet surprised by the result, I then ended up one HAPPY wife! And guess who knows how to find your true car match by doing just that, Autotrader, that’s who! Autotrader’s Best New Cars for 2021 list had me day dreaming about the 2021 Genesis GV80 like I was way back when, day dreaming of Matthew in college. You may be like me and have no idea what you’d like in a man, or a car until one is presented to you to fit your every need! Just like I didn’t think I needed leather seats in my car, two kids and a dog later, I will never choose a car without leather interiors again.

Finding a perfect match in a partner requires digging deep, getting detailed, outlining every single spec you want in someone. Autotrader will put that same kind of energy towards finding your true car match too. As generic as picking the color to the nitty gritty detail of how many cylinders, it’s easiest when you can answer all the questions and then minutes later, you’re presented with “the one”. How many times have we settled for a car (or partner) that only met some of your needs? With Autotrader’s match making skills online, you’re likely finding your true soul mate (or car make) the easiest way possible!

Curious to see what my current car type is, I browsed Autotrader.com with very specific requirements. I was able to match and find a Hyundai Palisade 2021 with leather interior, three rows for our growing family, and all the limited editions I would want just 20 miles from my house! Who knew my true match would be so close! Whether you’re looking for the perfect car or the perfect partner to ride with in your perfect car, Autotrader will make your life that much easier by taking the guessing out of the game. I’m encouraging all of you to try out their car matchmaking quiz and visit Autotrader.com/BestNewCars to see their picks for the Best New Cars for 2021!

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Happy searching! Xoxo – The Harveys


P.S. Read more about Matthew and I here

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