Another little girls room refresh coming at ya! I know what you’re thinking, isn’t this your 4 time refreshing this room? And the answer is yes, BUT the girls are growing and I had to create a space to accommodate both their different and growing personalities. Sharing a room with your sister is fun for 90% of the time, but for the other 10% they need their own space. After all, being 3 years apart, I can’t expect them to LOVE sharing everything and to be interested in the same things. This room has come a long way and I’m so grateful for my family and friends for helping us bring this vision to life!

The girls gave a full (archdigest) tour on our YouTube channel! Check it out here!


First off, if you didn’t see my Dad, Matthew, and Uncle Andy make this bed for the girls, then watch it here first. You can read all the details in this blog post too. This reel also went viral. This bed needed all of its own moments because, it’s perfection. The bed has elevated this room to another level so it’s only right we elevate the rest of the space! All of their dolls are cuddle and kind (our favorite)


If there’s one thing they both mutually love, it’s imaginative play. They stay in the kitchen chef’n it up all the time. The only problem was they didn’t have a big one and there was no “prep space”. I can’t believe I just said my kids needed more prep space in their play kitchen. Oh my. Anyways, I’m a sucker for aesthetic kitchens and functional storage so Milton and Goose was the play. I got all the kitchen pieces from Romp-at-Home. They had the kitchen and this storage console pictured together and thought this is perfect for the look and functionality of storing their toys. I had to get their wooden coffee maker since they love making mommy coffee and being little baristas. The kitchen and console were very high quality, like better than some of my adult furniture. Gone are the days of doors falling off and pieces coming apart their play furniture. There are so many cute things at Romp-at-Home and I’ve already ordered like 10 more play room items from their shop! Use our code HARVEYS10 to save some money! The little cloud shelf is an oldie from target, such a cute addition to their room and perfect for hiding remotes!


Let’s talk about this locker. I am SERIOUS about storage. If I could source functional storage pieces that don’t compromise on aesthetic, then I’d have a very satisfying job. I had previously purchased a locker from Mustard for Simi’s room because it seemed the most popular and someone recommended them to me but I will recommend to everyone to NOT purchase from them. It was so cheap, to put together and the quality of material. Once again, we are paying for the brand name. I got so lucky and found this one from wayfair for literally half the price! This color was the perfect pink and the material was way more sturdy. It also came with an anchor to secure to the wall. I loved that you could customize the shelves to fit what you want on each row. They fit the Gathre storage bins perfectly in here which made it even more of a win because I sort all the kids toys with these bins. It’s obviously magnetic, so some cute magnets to stick on the outside have made it more fun for the girls.

The girls shelf is from Crate and Barrel and honestly I ordered this off pics and did not read the specs. I thought it was a LOT taller so I may need to switch this out later on in life, but for now, it does its job. I can’t fit any of their bins on there so I put these cute cubbies on their to organize their craft supplies and keep it away from Simi.


Let’s talk about the desks… or should I say desk/ vanity situation. Pia wanted a desk, but Penelope wanted a vanity. I knew this vanity would probably be temporary until she reaches Pia’s age to which she will then want a desk to do homework on. The desks I ordered are Little Architect and I basically saw this picture and ordered everything in it. I got this bench for Pia for her desk in case both of them wanted to sit next to each other while they read or draw. Penelope got this chair so that if I wanted to pull this off the wall and use it as a table I can add more chairs. Penelope’s “vanity” is actually a table and I love that it’s just slightly different. I added these pockets to Pia’s desk and a cute boucle bulletin board which might be her favorite part of her desk set up. For the vanity, I needed a mirror and after I saw this mirror, I couldn’t unsee it and had to splurge. It was pricey but man did it feel like quality. Added this adorable touch mushroom lamp that had been in my cart for months now. We’ve had this wood calendar for years now and they love it… lucky for you, it’s sold on amazon now and half the price! It really helps give them a sense of days/weeks/ months/ years since it’s so interactive. Penelope’s play makeup is sitting in my old container for my make up that I found in Target in the office supplies section. If you haven’t been around since the last room refresh, the PeneloPia sign is from Yellowpop and it’s been the best nightlight and wall decor we could have ever dreamed of! In case you noticed, Pia’s adorable Bible is literal perfection for her age! She can add notes and color on the side margins. It’s not too expensive and you can find it here!

I hope you guys loved the girls room refresh as much as they do! If I didn’t link something or you have questions, drop them in the comments! Let us know what you loved the most!


P.S. see how we did the girls room before, and before that. Also have to check out the DIY Arched bunk bed blog too!